Kensington Mattress 2000 Pocket Sprung Bed Set


The Kensington has 2000 individually pocketed spring’s and has all the benefits that a pocket sprung mattress can offer you. You see each spring moves independently from each other and when pressed upon will not effect the surrounding springs thus preventing that roll together effect with your partner. This is a good quality mattress that comes with a luxury quality damask cover. Having generous layers of cashmere , lamb’s wool and cotton are held together using durable wool tufts, creating the perfect combination for a good and restful night’s sleep which will  help you feel rejuvenated in the morning. Air vents are provided to increase air flow and flag stitched handles aid the recommended regular turning of the mattress the Kensington is one of our top range products You’ll never lose sleep again!

PLEASE NOTE: The natural fillings will settle after six months if the mattress is turned regularly.