Duo Seasons Bed Set


Dual Seasons offers a truly unique service, this mattress is available on one side in “COOL” for those of you who like a cooler bed on those hot summer nights. Or simply turn the mattress over for “WARM” which is ideal for snuggling down in those cold winter nights.  The Duel Seasons is a 12.5 gauge Open coil Orthopaedic mattress and is an incredible and innovative mattress that has been designed to genuinely keep you comfortable in all seasons.

On the side of the mattress that is designed for the winter period it contains a luxurious layer of memory foam which will keep you warm and relaxed. Memory foam is also great for your back, shoulders and hips as it moulds to your body’s natural sleeping position, easing any tension or pain. The other side of the mattress contains a generous layer of natural latex, that is perfect for summer. Memory foam reacts to your body heat and heats up, so latex is a much cooler alternative for the typically warmer months of the year. Latex is also anti-bacterial so you won’t feel irritated at night.

The mattress also has a quality stretch cover to keep you comfortable and well supported as your sleep. The handles attached across the border will help you rotate the mattress so it stays fresh. Breathability is also improved with the additional air vents around the mattress, which stop it from moulding.